Friday, 29 May 2009


Here are some weblinks that I have recommended to my students in the past. Please let me know if any become out of date or any sensible additions.

Web sites
I strongly recommend searching for articles regularly in
For news go to lexis-nexis which is a way to search all the UK newspapers (log-in via Athens) or for a source of focussed news.
An incredibly useful site is: . This provides a number of reports which are free to download. It also replicates the State of the Nations series in its Nations and Regions section. For my humble contribution to the monitors, go straight to:
There is a wealth of reports and information in the ESRC site:
Another incredibly useful site is: . This is a constantly updated bibliography relating to devolution. It is also worth looking to see if the Scottish Parliamentary Information Centre (SPICE) has examined an issue:
There is also a one-stop-shop for surveys:
Scottish Social Attitudes:
The Scottish Parliament's site is at:
The Scottish Government website can be found at:
The Scotland Office:
For a list of Concordats between the Scottish Executive and UK Government:
For a Lords discussion of devolution see:
For a Lords discussion of Westminster legislation following devolution, see appendix 1 of this report:

Other sites of interest: (Think tank); (Scottish Constitutional Convention); has some useful information (although remember that many sites are fairly partisan); has some useful publications; The House of Commons briefings on devolution:

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